Tens Day 0: Ground Zero

What is Tens Day?

Thanks for checking out our initial post about Tens Day, the first graphic novel from Starboard Games. Check out our more detailed synopsis, and don’t forget to read Tens Day Issue 0!

Essentially, Tens Day is a graphic novel, told in three parts (sort of), detailing the aftermath of an attack at a popular vacation resort a decade before Interstellar Civil War erupts in 23rd century colonized space. Tens Day highlights include

  • a kidnapping
  • a vengeful cartel assassin
  • an Earthen hitman whose job becomes more complicated than he had anticipated
  • & other plot kernels.

In short, the Tens-Day plot is multi-tiered. It is busy. Sub-plots intertwine and thicken. There are a number of characters of which to keep track. But this is part of the fun.

… Parts?

Three parts, sort of?

I mentioned above that Tens Day is a three-part graphic novel. That is mostly true. Here’s the catch: what you will read first on this blog (for free!) is what we are referring to as Tens Day Issue 0, which sets up the subsequent three installments comprising the graphic novel proper. So, if you are counting, that is four issues, even though Issue 0 isn’t part of the graphic novel. Confused? Don’t be. This is what is important: we will roll out the 17 or so pages of Tens Day Issue 0 (for free!) in small doses over the next few weeks here, to get you primed and ready for the graphic novel, which we’re currently working on.

What’s Next?

Expect to read about all things Tens Day on this blog: general updates, WIPs (works-in-progress), and commentary concerning posted pages – finished or roughs. Although, we do reserve the right to deviate from this formula upon occasion. Who is “we”?

  • Me, the writer of Tens Day, Brian O,
  • & Ryan Z, the artist of Tens Day,

both of us members of the Starboard Games Creative Development team.

Creative Development?

I am the Creative Development lead at Starboard Games, a department that our tabletop division, as well as lore team, calls home. I started out as a member of the INT writing team in early 2014, composing lore and planetary systems for INT, as well as the INT-based short story “The Initiation,” which is included in a cool collection of SF and unusual tales.

We at Starboard Games realized a while back that the universe we are creating for INT exceeds what the game – as conceptualized at this point in its development – will explore. As such, we have a trans-media suite of offerings in the works to supplement and expand INT’s story. Tens Day is such an expansion, and we feel you’ll be just as excited about the INT universe and its many fascinating stories as we are. We really have an exciting narrative to share.

Tens Day 0

Oh yeah. Tens Day 0. It was written by me and illustrated by Joshua D, a talented artist who left Starboard Games as a result of other commitments. We wish him well and thank him for helping us lay the foundations to Tens Day, as well as for designing a great cover to Issue 0. What about the inside? After a timeline establishes the Tens-Day tragedy within INT lore, the first pages of Issue 0 contextualize the 23rd century scene on the planet Laxus, the preeminent vacation destination in colonized space. We are introduced to The Pinnacle Hotel, the finest resort in the Core systems; Shade Reyes, UCE2 reporter; and Rhett Lescure, the young boy who visits the hotel with his family.

Thanks for reading.

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