Tens Day 0: Detonations and Denotations

Endings and Beginnings

So Garfin knows that something is up at The Pinnacle Hotel. He and Twiggy trade some banter before the explosions rock the hotel and island. But what does Garfin know about the bombings? What about Caran Slake, who took aim at the hotel after slaying one of its employees? What happens to Dru Fallet and Shade Reyes? And what about the Lescure family? Remember them?

The answers to these questions drive Tens Day’s plot, which we will share with you right here in the coming weeks and months – you didn’t think that we’d just upload the rest of the graphic novel, did you? We couldn’t anyway, since we are still editing and illustrating it. But soon enough we will have some new material to share, replete with new plot twists and characters. Future posts will range from works in progress to completed pages from Tens Day 1, all rendered by artist Ryan Z. We might even share our thoughts about the challenges of creating a graphic novel and our long-term goals for the project and beyond, too.

I will leave you with a slightly modified excerpt from an internal document describing the planet Serenus, which spawned the Tens-Day graphic novel, a beginning of sorts to mark the end of Tens Day 0:

. . . after the bold terrorist attack at The Pinnacle Hotel – a Zeus Industries holding (see J10 Corporations) – the site of the signing of the “peaceful accord” that ended the first Corporate War (see The First Corporate War:  Circa 2190), life on Laxus and on the entire planet was forever altered.

The attack’s 10.10.2238 dateline – the tragic event is known simply as “Tens Day” in modern parlance – references Shann’s Ten Points variously (see First Colonial War: 2210-2220), a calculated date that stresses the ongoing influence the foundational text continues to have in the rebellion vanguard and working classes. The Pinnacle bombing was planned with the intent to take an astounding 10,000 lives as part of an extensive coordinated attack throughout various localities on the planet, according to UCE officials. To date, UCE representative have yet to release their findings concerning the details of this supposed plan and how it was contained, only that it was thwarted. ACP spokespeople scoff at such a claim, stressing the confederacy’s innocence in the attack. Communities on Serenus, however, as well as UCE colonies throughout various systems, have adopted a loosely assembled response referred to as “Countering the Tens,” in order to prevent any similar attacks in the future . . . the repercussions of the terrorist act are still felt at every resort on the planet, as a more intensive surveillance state, a linchpin of “Countering the Tens,” was universally implemented by . . .

Based on this information, it seems logical to assume that ACP sympathizers would have had their hands in the attack. But ACP brass continues to deny any involvement, something of which to be mindful as Tens Day unfolds. We may have some reminders along the way for you, too.

Last Words (for now)

The quoted passage above was the inspiration for the graphic novel, reflecting the dominant conflict in the INT universe (UCE vs ACP) more than anything else. Tens Day does not escape or ignore the realities of this burgeoning war; it serves as the story’s backdrop. Operating in a more contained environment, however, Tens Day depicts peripheral and localized vendettas rather than focusing on the wide scale military efforts informing the Interstellar Civil War, which is on the cusp of erupting when the attack at The Pinnacle occurs.