Tens Day 0: Meets, Greets and a Medley of Peeks

Last week we met cartel assassin Caran Slake. This week we meet Twiggy and Garfin on Page 13, who inhabit a seedy underworld comprised of small-time drug dealers and thieves, as well as the homeless and wayward. Page 14 returns to previously established plotlines.

A Touch of Twiggy

Twiggy is a young addict of Vapor who lives on the streets. Unlike the drug Dust, which we mentioned in
the previous post, Vapor, which is distributed by the Bakunin Bratva, the rival to the Prometh Cartel,
induces a mellow but intense state of dreamy euphoria reminiscent of lesser opiates. For more on Vapor
and the role that it will play in INT, check out our indiedb.com post on “The Tubes,” a dangerous underground community that is centered on a synthetic hybrid and more potent strain of the drug here.

We also posted a partial bio for Twiggy earlier in the year on indiedb.com. Here it is again: She is thin, has dark hair and if of average height. Most often she is seen wearing tight black pants, a dark pancho, boots, and a head scarf. She also carries a small satchel with her at all times, which includes her vapor pen, stash box, a wallet that rarely has money in it, and a small stuffed teddy bear’s head that is missing its body, the last connection to the Haelen orphanage from which she ran away at the age of 12.

Twiggy wears metal rings on the fingers of both hands, a last line of defense on which she has relied on numerous occasions.

And, no. Twiggy is not wearing a wedding ring in the last panel on page 12. It is just one of the rings that she wears, which happens to resemble a wedding band. This brings up a point worth mentioning here. Twiggy’s above quoted character description is almost a year old now. After scripting the 100 or so pages of Tens Day and after the different renderings and turnarounds of her by various artists, Twiggy, like all the characters in Tens Day, have changed to a certain degree since we began the project last year. So, she might be wearing different rings or her head scarf may turn into a hoodie, for instance, when we see her in Tens Day 1. But the core of her character, what is introduced here in issue 0, will remain the same, as will Garfin’s.

The Goods on Garfin

Here is a Garfin bio-snippet from a Starboard Games internal document that has yet to be made public: Garfin is a notorious fence and thief with operations on Serenus (especially Laxus) and on New Terra (Ideros’s arcade district)… intelligence reports making the rounds at regional UCE military and colonial security bureaus indicate that a teenaged Garfin had loose associations with both major cartels (Prometh and Bakunin), as well as various pirate outfits prior to establishing his own criminal syndicates around 2227 or 2228. Working with, not competing against the major brigand networks entrenched in Core and Middle colonial affairs has allowed his illicit enterprise to thrive.

Garfin’s den of thieves and pickpockets – comprised of young orphans, hoppers, streeters and gutter punks – in a way, complements the work of the cartels…

We will learn more about the Twiggy-Garfin relationship as Tens Day unfolds. But issue 0 reveals that Twiggy is a peripheral associate of Garfin’s and not part of his collective of thieves. As such, he supplies her with Vapor for any tasks that she undertakes for him. Additionally, Garfin is privy to The Pinnacle Hotel’s immediate future, it seems.

Re-viewing Acquaintances

Page 14 revolves around quick shots of the rest of the cast, with which you should be familiar, assuming that you are caught up with all the blog and page posts. Shade Reyes prepares for the hotel’s guest promotion announcement, but seems to be more interested in other news. She mentions someone named Creed, a person of interest in Tens Day, so file the name away for now. Dru Fallet discovers that there may be an issue with Nevin of the janitorial staff, something that we had learned earlier. At the same time, Caran Slake relays a status update back to the Prometh Cartel from a nearby watering hole. Our micro issue Tens Day 0 concludes next week, at which point we’ll wrap up our current discussion and set up what we’ll be sharing next.