Tens Day 0: One Step Forward, One Step Back

Oops (about that first post …)

So, yeah. We messed up. Anyone notice the misspellings and errors in the text of the comic? For over a week unproofed and unedited pages of Tens Day 0 remained online. The edited pages are up now. We’re still pretty new at this online-comic thing, but that’s no excuse, and we’ll do our best to make sure to that it doesn’t happen again.

That being said, I encourage you to take another look at the first pages of Tens Day 0 before you read the latest uploads. In addition to cleaned up punctuation, syntax and misspellings (I hope), all pages have a slightly higher res, too, which increases their readability. Thanks to Andrew for noticing the mishap and thanks to Waffle (Adam) for uploading the edited pages earlier in the week.

Dallying Oops

The edited Tens Day 0 has been around since early 2015; we’ve been sitting on it for some time now, for various reasons. We had intermittent discussions about publishing the comic on the INT site earlier, but ultimately decided to wait for the Starboard Games site, which didn’t appear until June of this year. Part of what facilitated the decision was that the Tens Day creative team remained in flux, a situation that changed only recently.

Months ago we had decided to publish the finished Tens Day 0 online in installments, a strategy to give our artist time to begin penciling and inking the completed script for Tens Day 1. But the instability plaguing the creative team slowed the development of the entire project. It took us longer than expected to hook up with a long-term artist for the project (Ryan Z.), but we’re glad we waited. We are excited to share some of the great work that Ryan has created, a roll out that will commence in August, when the entirety of Tens Day 0 is online. In short, we didn’t spend the early part of the week editing the comic; rather we uploaded the already-edited pages that should have been online in the first place. But enough about the old. Let’s talk about the new.

The New Pages (About that second post …)

We have three new pages for you this week. We meet a mysterious custodian, who is interested in the customer-appreciation promotion that has brought reporter Shade Reyes to The Pinnacle Hotel, and we are introduced to Dru Fallet, head of hotel security. In a previous life, Fallet was a UCE military captain, something to keep in mind as the Tens Day story progresses. For more on the history of the UCE (United Colonies of Earth), as well as the ACP (Atlas Confederacy of Planets), the two primary factions in the 23rd century, checkout this primer.

We’ll have three more pages for you next week, but we’d love to hear from you in the interim: any questions, comments, or observations so far? Let us know in the comments below!