Tens Day 0: The Story Continues

Tens Day 0: The Story Continues

Courting Cartels

Caran Slake. She is an assassin for the Prometh Cartel, a powerful syndicate with inroads in remote colonies and sprawling megacities alike, which is known for its signature drug, Dust. We haven’t shared much info about the major cartels in the INT universe yet. However, part of Caran Slake’s story in Tens Day will acquaint you with a longstanding grudge that the Prometh Cartel has with the United Colonies of Earth (UCE), the presiding power of colonialized space in 2238 (did you checkout last week’s primer?), the year in which Tens Day takes place. Slake’s plot begins in Tens Day 0 with her abbreviated relationship with Jex Black, who becomes a pawn in the assassin’s vendetta. We also learn about Slake’s interest in Dru Fallet, head of security at The Pinnacle Hotel.

A Snippet on Slake

Here is a little more on Caran Slake’s background from an internal Starboard Games document that has yet to be made public: “She is a trained killer well-versed in various hand-to-hand combat styles, melee-weapon usage, as well as short-range and long-range firearms. Her weapons of choice are knives, which she puts to deadly use with her deep knowledge of a close-combat knife-fighting style that is reminiscent of a modified version of the FMA art escrima (kali). It is assumed that Slake mastered her trade under Prometh guidance, but this cannot be verified. It is known, however, that she does carry a sidearm and has used small explosives in the past, even if she prefers the intimacy of blades when on assignment. In order to obscure her identity in the field, she often changes her hair color and style, although she rarely grows it very long . . .”

The three most recently uploaded pages indicate that Slake is quite a ruthless and adept assassin, which is further demonstrated in subsequent issues of Tens Day. A couple other things of note: is that The Pinnacle Hotel at which Slake takes aim on page 12? And whose hand is that in the last panel on page 12, reaching for Slake’s discarded cigarette?

We’ll answer that latter question next week and broach another topic or two as well.