Heads Up

Heads Up: Old Friends and New Faces

It’s been a while since we last checked in, so here is a brief update on Tens Day: as Ryan continues illustrating panels, I am putting together a promotional packet for the project, as well as editing the script. Once we have a healthy backlog of material, our plan is to release the first issue online incrementally, page by page. While we still have work to do to reach this point, we do have something cool to share. Below are head shots of four of the main characters in Tens Day, which exhibit the style and vision that Ryan brings to the graphic novel.

Shade Reyes, UCE2 Reporter


Dru Fallet, Head of Security at The Pinnacle Hotel


Caran Slake, Prometh Cartel Assassin


Twiggy, Homeless Vape Addict


We look forward to using these great head shots in Tens Day and possibly for promotional purposes in the future, as well as sharing our progress and thoughts about the graphic novel in the coming days.