Allow Ourselves to (Re)Introduce Ourselves

Hey all. We’re back. The Tens Day/comics blog (more on this in a second) took a backseat the last half year. But we are recharged and ready to share our progress and process with you again. But first things first: the Starboard site received a revamp, courtesy of Alex and Michael, who worked hard to upgrade its features. We think it looks great and are cozying up to our new home, which is still receiving some tweaks.

The new site isn’t all that has changed, however. Initially, this blog had been intended to discuss the graphic novel Tens Day. We will still do this in the coming days. But we have another project to discuss, too, in this space, a prose comic one shot: The Initiation.

Longtime INT followers will recognize this narrative as the title of the creepypasta story that has been since revised and published. The Initiation is also based in the INT universe, but the events therein occur prior to the advent of the Interstellar Civil War that is the game’s backdrop. I will have more to say about this project in the near future. For now, I will share a sample layout that we packaged with a previous INT update on, which also includes a preview of page 2 of Tens Day 1.


The pages that we currently are proofing are legible, so don’t worry; we just wanted to share the layout and design of the pages that Joe created for the prose comic. We may have a cover to share with you, too, shortly.

Speaking of covers, here is a wip of the cover to Tens Day 1, courtesy of Ryan:


If you’ve read Tens Day 0, then you know what’s happening here. If you haven’t or need a refresher, then check it out. This podcast may be of interest, too, as the cool folks at PageBacon had me on as a guest a while back to talk about the project. They published “The Initiation,” which you also can read in its entirety at my Wattpad page. The regularly updated Tens Day novel serialization, which I may be discussing from time to time here, too, is also homed there.

Lots of links and material, I know. But since this is a reboot of sorts, I wanted to (re)acquaint everyone with the lineages and lifelines of our current comic-related projects.

Telescoping ahead, the plan is for me to blog about twice a month. I hope some of you will stick around and introduce yourselves to us and check out some of the linked material. More soon.