Under the Hood

Continuing last post’s theme of reintroductions, I want to show the developmental arc of Tens Day’s Twiggy over the last year or so, to share the changes that the character has undergone at the hands of various artists. Although we have shared two of the four images below previously, I thought it would be informative to see Twiggy’s “aging” process collected onto one page. First, a brief introduction, initially packaged with an INT update at indiedb.com (which includes Twiggy additional concept art from Robert):

Twiggy is a vapor addict. She is thin, has dark hair and is of average height. Most often she is seen wearing tight black pants, a dark pancho, boots, and a head scarf. She also carries a small satchel with her at all times, which includes her vapor pen, stash box, a wallet that rarely has money in it, and a small stuffed bear’s head that is missing its body, the last connection to the Haelen orphanage from which she ran away at the age of 12. Twiggy wears metal rings on the fingers of both hands, a last line of defense on which she has relied on numerous occasions. She also carries a metal key ring in the shape of a cat-outline with pointed ears, that when slipped onto her hand, becomes as effective as a short, double-bladed knife at close range. Although she doesn’t carry a sidearm, she has been known to carry other sharp weapons from time to time.


Figure 1 Tens Day 0, Page 13

Figure 1, Page 13 from Tens Day 0, courtesy of Josh, stresses the character’s head scarf, in panels awash in somber blues and purples that show her about to hit vapor as she interacts with Garfin.


Figure 2 Character Turnaround

Ryan’s character sheet for Twiggy displays her jagged hair style, adds a hoodie to her wardrobe and incorporates more accessories from her description.


Figure 3 Headshot
This colored headshot by Ryan adds details such as earrings and dark eyeliner to complete Twiggy’s look.


Figure 4 Tens Day 1, Page 5
The last image depicts Ryan’s unfinished panels to page 5 of Tens Day 1. It shows Twiggy sharing a couple of moments with Garfin and Rhett. Who are they? Check issue 0.

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Next time we’ll shift gears and focus on our one-shot prose comic, The Initiation. More soon.