Recharger Station – Our First Model Pack Available for Purchase

Starboard Games LLC is proud to announce its first model pack. Containing four separate battery/power cell models and a recharger station, the pack includes over ten models with a focus on battery driven weapons and other devices. The recharger station features plates to use with each of the different battery/power cells.  With four versions of the recharger station, a screen and two other cabinets on which you can mount plates, monitor rechargers or the main recharger itself, this pack offers multiple options for your game or project.

The Basic pack includes 13 models and the PBR texture maps. These textures are clean versions of the models, which can be used in any 3D modeling package that supports Metal Roughness PBR.  The Deluxe pack contains everything from the Basic pack and Substance Painter in addition to the Substance Designer files. Almost infinite variations of model dirt and edge wear become available to you with these additions.

In the near future we plan to release versions of the Recharger pack specifically for use in Blender and the Unity game engine.  The packs available now can be used as they are in Maya, 3DMax, Blender, Unity, Unreal and other 3D software and game engines.

Below you can find sample renders of the items in the pack.