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Tens Day (Free!) & The Initiation Comic are available for purchase!

Hey all. It has been a while, but we’ve got some updates for you. First, check out the Tens Day Issue 1 black-and-white preview, which is available for download (for free!). The story picks up after the events of Issue 0, and showcases Ryan Zalis’s great art. Unfortunately, Ryan had to leave the project, so the Tens Day graphic narrative is on hiatus now. We will be sure to update you when the status of the book changes.

The Tens Day, story, however, continues, as the manuscript for the first draft of the traditional novel is complete. I am editing for grammar and surface-level issues right now, and will begin excising info dumps and paring down unneeded passages during the next round of edits. The story is available here, warts and all, for you to read. I will be discussing editing the novel and its relationship to the INT universe occasionally in the coming months.

The big news here at Starboard Games LLC is that The Initiation is now being offered for sale at our company store that Michael Gitkos, our website administrator, has built.


The Initiation Comic



A final obstacle stands in Cadet Wren Yorick’s way before he can join an elite 23rd-century military squadron: a trust exercise on a long-abandoned installation on the planet Venus that is rumored to be haunted. Isolated and disoriented upon waking up from his induced sleep, Wren must rely on the guidance of his superiors to complete the task. They remotely direct him on his solitary journey to the remnants of the former colony through a vicious and unfamiliar landscape rife with whipping winds and extreme heat. His commanding officers, however, do little to neutralize his sense that there is something more, something somehow occupying the bleak geography that he traverses. This leads Wren to question what he knows about his mission, his commanders and even his own eyes and ears before he reaches the small colonial outpost, at which point his life forever changes.


Tens Day Coverage

Tens Day Coverage

Just a short update this week to share the cover to Tens Day 1 illustrated by Ryan Zalis. We are digging the contrast in colors and angles in comparison to those of issue 0, which situates us closer to ground zero of the explosions at The Pinnacle Hotel. Together, the covers approach the attack of the resort from differing but complementary aesthetic vectors. The Tens Day 1 cover also will run as an ad in The Initiation when we release that title.

Next time we will have a more substantial update on the status of what we are referring to Tens Day 0+ internally, which will include preview pages from Tens Day 1, as well as another feature or two packaged with Tens Day 0 that will find its way to the interwebs in the coming days.

More soon.

Paging The Initiation

As we have mentioned previously, The Initiation was originally a short story. Over the last half year, we have finessed this 7,000 word short story into the prose comic that we plan to release this fall. What follows models the translation process of raw story material to finished first page of the prose-comic text (excluding front matter).


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Tens Day:


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