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Tens Day 0: Ground Zero

What is Tens Day?

Thanks for checking out our initial post about Tens Day, the first graphic novel from Starboard Games. Check out our more detailed synopsis, and don’t forget to read Tens Day Issue 0!

Essentially, Tens Day is a graphic novel, told in three parts (sort of), detailing the aftermath of an attack at a popular vacation resort a decade before Interstellar Civil War erupts in 23rd century colonized space. Tens Day highlights include

  • a kidnapping
  • a vengeful cartel assassin
  • an Earthen hitman whose job becomes more complicated than he had anticipated
  • & other plot kernels.

In short, the Tens-Day plot is multi-tiered. It is busy. Sub-plots intertwine and thicken. There are a number of characters of which to keep track. But this is part of the fun.