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Tens Day (Free!) & The Initiation Comic are available for purchase!

Hey all. It has been a while, but we’ve got some updates for you. First, check out the Tens Day Issue 1 black-and-white preview, which is available for download (for free!). The story picks up after the events of Issue 0, and showcases Ryan Zalis’s great art. Unfortunately, Ryan had to leave the project, so the Tens Day graphic narrative is on hiatus now. We will be sure to update you when the status of the book changes.

The Tens Day, story, however, continues, as the manuscript for the first draft of the traditional novel is complete. I am editing for grammar and surface-level issues right now, and will begin excising info dumps and paring down unneeded passages during the next round of edits. The story is available here, warts and all, for you to read. I will be discussing editing the novel and its relationship to the INT universe occasionally in the coming months.

The big news here at Starboard Games LLC is that The Initiation is now being offered for sale at our company store that Michael Gitkos, our website administrator, has built.


The Initiation Comic



A final obstacle stands in Cadet Wren Yorick’s way before he can join an elite 23rd-century military squadron: a trust exercise on a long-abandoned installation on the planet Venus that is rumored to be haunted. Isolated and disoriented upon waking up from his induced sleep, Wren must rely on the guidance of his superiors to complete the task. They remotely direct him on his solitary journey to the remnants of the former colony through a vicious and unfamiliar landscape rife with whipping winds and extreme heat. His commanding officers, however, do little to neutralize his sense that there is something more, something somehow occupying the bleak geography that he traverses. This leads Wren to question what he knows about his mission, his commanders and even his own eyes and ears before he reaches the small colonial outpost, at which point his life forever changes.


Tens Day 0: Detonations and Denotations

Endings and Beginnings

So Garfin knows that something is up at The Pinnacle Hotel. He and Twiggy trade some banter before the explosions rock the hotel and island. But what does Garfin know about the bombings? What about Caran Slake, who took aim at the hotel after slaying one of its employees? What happens to Dru Fallet and Shade Reyes? And what about the Lescure family? Remember them?

The answers to these questions drive Tens Day’s plot, which we will share with you right here in the coming weeks and months – you didn’t think that we’d just upload the rest of the graphic novel, did you? We couldn’t anyway, since we are still editing and illustrating it. But soon enough we will have some new material to share, replete with new plot twists and characters. Future posts will range from works in progress to completed pages from Tens Day 1, all rendered by artist Ryan Z. We might even share our thoughts about the challenges of creating a graphic novel and our long-term goals for the project and beyond, too.

I will leave you with a slightly modified excerpt from an internal document describing the planet Serenus, which spawned the Tens-Day graphic novel, a beginning of sorts to mark the end of Tens Day 0:

Tens Day 0: The Story Continues

Tens Day 0: The Story Continues

Courting Cartels

Caran Slake. She is an assassin for the Prometh Cartel, a powerful syndicate with inroads in remote colonies and sprawling megacities alike, which is known for its signature drug, Dust. We haven’t shared much info about the major cartels in the INT universe yet. However, part of Caran Slake’s story in Tens Day will acquaint you with a longstanding grudge that the Prometh Cartel has with the United Colonies of Earth (UCE), the presiding power of colonialized space in 2238 (did you checkout last week’s primer?), the year in which Tens Day takes place. Slake’s plot begins in Tens Day 0 with her abbreviated relationship with Jex Black, who becomes a pawn in the assassin’s vendetta. We also learn about Slake’s interest in Dru Fallet, head of security at The Pinnacle Hotel.

A Snippet on Slake

Here is a little more on Caran Slake’s background from an internal Starboard Games document that has yet to be made public:

Tens Day 0: One Step Forward, One Step Back

Oops (about that first post …)

So, yeah. We messed up. Anyone notice the misspellings and errors in the text of the comic? For over a week unproofed and unedited pages of Tens Day 0 remained online. The edited pages are up now. We’re still pretty new at this online-comic thing, but that’s no excuse, and we’ll do our best to make sure to that it doesn’t happen again.

That being said, I encourage you to take another look at the first pages of Tens Day 0 before you read the latest uploads. In addition to cleaned up punctuation, syntax and misspellings (I hope), all pages have a slightly higher res, too, which increases their readability. Thanks to Andrew for noticing the mishap and thanks to Waffle (Adam) for uploading the edited pages earlier in the week.

Tens Day 0: Ground Zero

What is Tens Day?

Thanks for checking out our initial post about Tens Day, the first graphic novel from Starboard Games. Check out our more detailed synopsis, and don’t forget to read Tens Day Issue 0!

Essentially, Tens Day is a graphic novel, told in three parts (sort of), detailing the aftermath of an attack at a popular vacation resort a decade before Interstellar Civil War erupts in 23rd century colonized space. Tens Day highlights include

  • a kidnapping
  • a vengeful cartel assassin
  • an Earthen hitman whose job becomes more complicated than he had anticipated
  • & other plot kernels.

In short, the Tens-Day plot is multi-tiered. It is busy. Sub-plots intertwine and thicken. There are a number of characters of which to keep track. But this is part of the fun.